The effect of development of ethical leadership on organizational adaptability capacity, education and training organization- case study: ILKHCHI city of Iran

Golamreza Rahimi, Nader Bohlooli, Tohid Eskandarzadeh


The aim of this study is to examine the impact of ethical leadership on organizational adaptability capacity, the city therefore is education. For this purpose, the factors affecting organizational adaptability in five dimensions based on the individual's orientation, organizational justice, power sharing, ethical conduct, transparency and organizational integration is defined roles. The population of the study, employees of city is therefore, the number of 1407 people, therefore Cochran sampling formula was used to calculate the sample size, the sample includes an estimated 302 people and to select a sample of the statistical population stratified random sampling method is used. The data collected, the questionnaire whose validity and reliability, the samples were analyzed. To analyze the data collected from descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used. Thus, classifying, summarizing and interpreting the data, descriptive statistics and then determine the normality of the data by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov inferential statistics to test hypotheses, and linear regression was used to determine the effect of the test. The results indicate that the hypothesis was confirmed, indicating that the components of the individual's orientation, organizational justice, power sharing, moral guidance, role clarity and organizational integration of organizational adaptability 98 percent of changes in education is explained and the city ILKHCHI it has an effect. the results show that the attention is given to ethical leadership, organizational adaptability capacity increases in education Ilkhchi city. And findings with the findings of Golparvar, colleagues, Abbas-Zadeh and Bvdaqy is consistent.


Education; Ethical leadership; Organizational adaptability; Organizational integration; Population;

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