Multi-stakeholder partnerships in agricultural commodity supply chains and deforestation-free commitments in the Amazon: a delicate balance

Carlos Germano Ferreira Costa


Multi-stakeholder commitments to end deforestation have increased since the UN Climate Summit (UNCS) in 2014. Despite many agreeing to halve deforestation by 2020 and end it by 2030. Brazil is missing among the NYDF 2014 signatories. In this research, we discuss historical challenges, bottlenecks, and lessons learned about deforestation-free commitments at the local level, and the establishment of sustainable agricultural product supply chains. Through secondary research analysis and the review of Brazilian environmental legislation between 2011 and 2017, we examined the interactions and dependencies of the soy and beef supply chains that access productive territorial dynamics regarding these commitments, previously the many changes that occurred in Brazil with the new government, causing the dismantling of command and control policy and institutional frameworks in the Brazilian Amazon.


Government Environmental Policy,International Linkages to Development, Amazon Biome, Productive Dynamics, REDD+

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