The internal processing as an opportunity to increase competitiveness and to generate new jobs: the case of Kosovo

Halil Kukaj, Burim Prenaj


Global competition compels corporations to increase competitiveness by lowering production costs. Internationally affirmed brand corporations achieve to lower production costs by applying different forms of international business cooperation with business entities in developing countries. One of the forms of international business cooperation is "internal processing" by which cooperation the internationally affirmed brand corporations manage to reduce production costs, while businesses in developing countries realize the profits for themselves and contribute to reducing the level of unemployment in their countries. Given the positive aspects of internal processing, the paper aims to sensitize as much as possible the business entities to implement this form of business cooperation. Based on the analysis of data collected by the Customs Administration of Kosovo it can be concluded that in Kosovo, internal processing has been implemented very little, but we recommend that in the future to intensify the implementation of the internal processing in Kosovo.

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