A Study of the Genetic Relation between Mawayana and Wapishana (Arawakan Family)

Sérgio Meira


This paper presents a first approach at the genetic relation between two Arawakan languages, Mawayana and Wapishana, which have been claimed to form a subgroup in all recent classifications of the family. On the basis of 149 proposed cognate sets, based on data from the available literature and field research on both languages, correspondences are set up and reconstructed proto-phonemes are proposed for the proto-language of what is here called the Pidjanan sub-branch of the Negro-Roraima branch of Arawakan. In conclusion, a description of the historical phonology and of selected aspects of the historical morphology of these languages is offered.


Mawayana; Wapishana; Arawakan Languages; Historical Linguistics.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18468/rbli.2019v2n1.p70-104

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