The legal regulation of digitalization of some areas of public life in modern theory of state and law

Kseniya E. Kovalenko, Daria A. Statsenko, Yulia V. Pechatnova


The article discusses the changes in public life associated with digitalization. The article also analyzes the introduction of digital technologies in the transport system of regulation and control of traffic as the progressive direction that allows to answer both socio-economic challenges and national security challenges. The study is based on the study of the experience of using intelligent systems in Russia and abroad, the prospects of further development and improvement of transport infrastructure are considered. The concept of digital law is given, its main features are highlighted. Discussions about the robot implementation in the field of jurisprudence, options for legal regulation of the status of machines with artificial intelligence, as well as the distribution of unmanned vehicles are outlined. The prospects and problems of these processes are analyzed. It is concluded that digitalization will have the constant tendency to increase.


Digital Law; Digitalization; Robots; Unmanned vehicles; Law

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