The study of the influence of ancient Greek rituals and sports and the formation of the architecture of its sports spaces

Nima Deimary, Mahsa Azizi, Mohammad Mohammadi


To get a better understanding of why variety of sports buildings are this massive in ancient Greece, a proper understanding of the history of sports as well as Greece itself  must start at the beginning. Greece is a country that is enclosed with hills and mountains alongside short rivers and fertile valleys. Even though Greek people were living in separate city-states, they were united under national pride, common temples, same rituals and games like Olympic. Sports were the most important parts of most Greek men. Gym and music alongside each other, fed the body and the soul of the athletes. They admired the beauty of well-trained men. They believed in multiple gods who were living in Holy mount of Olympus under the reign of greater god, Zeus and they held many rituals to satisfy them and Olympic was the most famous rituals amongst others. A ceremony in honor of Zeus was held in Olympia.

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