Geophysical researches for identification of hidden faults in the western region of Banesh, Fars, Iran

Raheleh Farhang, Abdolmajid Asadi


Possessing seismic information on active faults is required for earthquake risk estimation. In earthquake prone areas such as Zagros Mountains in which active basement faults are covered by Phanerozoic sedimentary cover, we can use geophysical data such as special resistivity and employ Schlumberger array as an inexpensive and quick method to identify blind faults with high accuracy. For this purpose, 30 vertical electric soundings and 10 profiles were implemented on Banesh Plain in Fars Province of Iran. Using data from geoelectric sections combined with qualitative data, we determined blind faults and sub fractures. The results show two faults zones along east-southwest and northwest-southeast lines and some sub faults and fractures along the Zagros flow.


Geophysics; Special Resistivity; Geoelectrics; Schlumberger array; Blind Faults; Banesh; Fars; Iran

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