Comparative comparison of music and architecture (case study: Frank Lloyd Wright falling water and Frederic Chopin Prelude No.15)

Alireza Moshabaki Isfahani, Vahideh Mojahed


Human being, in his life, has always expressed his emotions, feelings, and sorrows with movements and words, which can be seen in music and architecture. The performed studies in the field of architecture and music have revealed that, from a long time ago, there has always been a conceptual relationship between these two arts and both of them have represented unique concepts. The present study has a functional purpose and its method is qualitative. The data has been collected through documentary and library studies and field observations, in such a way that while introducing a preliminary knowledge of an architectural work inspired by romantic movement and a piece of music from the same time, it has been searched to discover the conceptual relationship between these two works by comparing them in order to find their similarities. The study seeks to answer the question: What is the link between the two works of music and architecture? The results suggest that there are many similarities between the two works which shows the fact that from past to today, there has always been a conceptual relationship between music and architecture, and the two arts have represented unique concepts in all periods of time. In other words, human’s emotions and spirit are the sources of the arts of architecture and music, and both, in different ways, seek to convey the concept of beauty to their audience, and this common desire has led to create the link between them.


Art; Music; Architecture; Link; Sharing;

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