Study the effect of the painted look in the works of illustration of iranian painter artists

Fereshteh Fathalizadeh Kalkhoran, Behnam Kamrani


Modern painting in Iran seems dynamic and energetic at first glance; however, some believe that it’s alien to Iranian national Identity and some others believe it has led to identity crisis. Painting and portraiture has undergone considerable changes. The importance of these changes, characteristics and functions, lead to our research goal. Research goal: to study the effects of artistic view in portraiture works of for Iranian painters: Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Mohammad Ali Bani Asadi, Karim Nasr and Farshid shafiei. Research method: The method used in this study is descriptive-analytic. Collecting data: The way to collect data is documentary and field research. Findings: Findings show that there is no significant difference between these two arts in many artistic works of modern painters and sometimes they overlap. Moreover, considering national Identity, painters have tried to modernize painting by the use of modern art methods. They have combined traditional art factors with western modern painting experience, added by national belief to create a kind of harmony and balance between these two arts.


Painting; Illustration; Artists; Iranian painter;

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