An analysis of underlying factors for implementing privatization in Iranian sport

Seyed Mohammad Hossein Razavi, Amin Amani, Alireza Ghanbari Firouzabadi


The purpose of this research was to analyze the underlying factors of privatization implementation in Iran's sport, which was developed by developmental approach. Statistical population of this research was consisted of all managers and experts involved in sports privatization in the country. Regarding that this is a qualitative research, a total of 20 people were selected using the snowball purposeful sampling technique as a statistical sample. The data collection tool was interview. Interviews continued until the theoretical saturation stage was fulfilled. The data obtained from interviews were analyzed in three stages of open, axial and selective coding. The results of the research identified 41 concepts and 5 categories including factors related to financial market, management factors, media factors, cultural factors and legal factors that provide the platform for implementation of privatization in the sport of the country. According to the results of this research, privatization in Iran's sport has been affected by various conditions, it is suggested that sport authorities are encouraged to provide a condition in which people can be trained in order to gain specialty to enter in various areas such as advertising private sector and proper culture creation in press and TV and paying attention to philosophy of sport and culture creation among the people.


Underlying Factors; Privatization; Sports; Sports Privatization; Data-based

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