Assessing the current problems in the tourism industry (Case study: Tabriz city)

Sepideh Gorbaniye Golzari, Karim Hosseinzadeh Dalir, Bashir Beyg Babayi


Today, tourism industry has a high status in the economies of the country and plays an active and effective role in promoting the economic, social and cultural structure of countries, especially in the developing countries. Although tourism is just one industry, tourism has the most cultural interactions. The tourism industry plays a major role in the growth process and this is where Iran has the right advantages. The present research which is descriptive-research, has been conducted using library practices and practical studies and, in addition to identifying strengths, examines the weaknesses of tourism growth in the current situation of tabriz and the capabilities and limitations of tourism growth in the city  and mentioned to  matrix of external factors affecting the growth of tourism in tabriz city . These results indicate the inadequacy of the urban transport system for the growth of urban tourism, low attention to cultural and artistic attractions, lack of adequate and adequate parking in the historical context, attention to urban furniture, as well as beatification of tourist attractions, lack of management and planning Suitable for tourism related issues by urban organizations.


Tourism; Tourism services; Cultural problems; Urban tourism growth; Lack of growth in tourism industry

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