Investigating the Civil Responsibility of Managers and Lifeguards against Swimmers

Akbar Bashiri, Behnam Ramazani, Mahdi Mohammad Zadeh


Civil responsibility is an issue of civil rights covering a significant portion of current legal literature. Civil responsibility has been defined as a person's legal commitment for compensation of the damage (whether being directly caused by the person or caused by his/her action) he/she has inflicted on another person. In case of lifeguards, this responsibility is due to their fault and if the cause of harm is due to the fault of the lifeguard, he/she will have a compulsory guarantee for compensation. Considering this content, under certain conditions, sport agents including lifeguards are responsible for compensation of damages caused by their fault. Legal and real entities engaged with sports not only are responsible for adherence to contractual assignments, but also are required to adhere to non-contractual obligations that are generally associated with societal traditions and customs or special characteristics of specific sporting fields. Civil responsibility law which is one of the most important and comprehensive branches of law, lacks normative system and adaptive regulations in Iran. In past, this type of responsibility was considered as a subsidiary subject in civil rights, however nowadays it is practically and theoretically considered as the most significant component of obligations. On the other nowadays civil responsibility plays a role in every single social activity.


civil responsibility, swimming pool, responsibility of sport managers, responsibility of lifeguards, fault

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