Abuse of bets unnecessarily the right to disturb the unilateral contracts

Seyyed Bagher Seyyedy Bonabi, Mehdi Abdollahi, Akbar Bashiri


Today, as a priority economic, social other causes one party to the contract is concluded to impose some conditions to the other party acts the opposite side due to economic weakness or need for imposing them or Premier status such provisions are included in the contract that is not compatible with the principles of safe deposit rights, including and such a condition according to the free will of the other side and there and certainly if the person has a free will to investigate was never accepted it was not and in practice caused the damage and the imposition of arbitrary conditions is superior. One of the cases of abuse of these cases, the Bet is a discredit to disturb the one-way contract most contracts today there which sometimes causes the weak contractual party will be huge losses this paper seeks to study and determine the effects of such provisions in contracts Rules.


Contract. The Conditions Imposed. Rights. Poke. Abuse. Harmless

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