Personal status and exceptions of the national law enforcement regarding it

Abasat Pour Mohammad, Behnam Ramazani, Mahdi Mohammad Zadeh


Personal status arises from Roman law and is consisted of two main elements being status and qualification .it is the result of a division that exists in the Roman Law System. Nowadays, it is considered as a core element of civil rights since the latter is divided into two divisions of personal status and objective status. By personal status it is referred to characteristics that determine an individual's personal and legal status and identity as well as the assignments of the person in society. The former status belongs to the self and is not separated from his/her social status. In addition, it is not exchangeable and cannot be turned into cash. For example, marriage and divorce or in other words anything that amplifies the relation between the person and his/her family are considered as personal statuses and on the other hand, anything related to financial relations is considered as objective status. Laws governing personal status are in general the same laws of the government; however this law has its exceptions including public discipline, minorities, genealogy, qualification and individuals with no citizenship which are discussed in the present article.


Personal Status. Qualification. Status. Citizenship. Residence. Alien

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