On the impact of organizational structure on organizational efficiency in industrial units: industrial units of Kerman and Hormozgan provinces

Kamran Ghorbannejad Estalaki


The present study using applicable attitude have investigated relationship between organizational structure and efficiency among employed personnel in industrial units of Kerman and Hormozgan provinces. For data collection a standardized Robbins’s (1998) questionnaire to assess the organizational structure and Hersey and Goldsmith’s standard questionnaire is used to assess aspects of organizational productivity. Sample of the study includes Personnel employed in industrial units of Kerman and Hormozgan provinces that using on random sampling and Morgan table, sample size of 384 is considered gathered data are analyzed using correlation coefficient and linear regression. The components of the model and the type of relationship that they have is identified and reported. In order to do analyses Excel and SPSS15 soft wares are used. The findings showed that there is significant relationship between efficiency in industrial units with organizational structure and its components including complexity, formality and concentration.


organizational structure, organizational efficiency, industrial units, linear regression

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